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Hey, this entry comes from a comment that one of tori's mates from… - Discuss_Debate_Defile_Theatre [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 18th, 2004|04:09 pm]


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Hey, this entry comes from a comment that one of tori's mates from back home left me. Ive wanted to speel all my ideas out about this on paper for a while now and ive just gotten round to it. Its not particualy well writen (and spelt hidiously) but i think it represents my ideas generaly. So yea this is for mia, but also for me coz i wanted to speel it all down. Please dont comment here, do it in


where this is also posted. Six

HEHEH. I was one of those rants you go on because you should be thinking about somthing else but don't want to be. But alas i got everything finnished and in regardless of my museing on post-femminisim in cotempory comercialised art forms (i really need to get out of achademic mode, im making myself sick).
I can be a funny one when i get on the subject of femminisim and somtimes have been known to get on the wrong side of highly strung girls.
To be honest i do get annoyed by bra burning femminists at times. I usually find that the majority of these types are, or have been influenced by, older women who were about in the times when bra burning was necasarry (which it was). Thing is femminisim has been and past and, well in a way, is dead. In the same way as Hippy the culture. But these movments arn't over because they failed, in fact the opposite. Their over because they were sucsessful. Laws have been changed, books have been writen, philosophys have been written and overhaled.
The modernist age in our culture was all about asking questions. We questioned God, we questioned Science, we questuioned sexual roles and a hundred other things. Many of these questions have been answered. That is one of the reasons that i see our current cultre as a post modernist, because we have gone through the process of asking these questions and they have (in theory at least) to some extent been answered.
So yes women were hugly under represented in our culture, they protested and they won. We now live in a post femminist society! Yay, this sounds great, but there are problems. For a kick off its easyer to change laws and philosopthys that it is people. As a 22yr old male ive grown up being taught that as a man, women are my equals. But my granfather was not bought up in that way, and neithr was my father or my mother, although their reasoably liberal (im sure my mum has burned a bra in her time).
So we are now in a time of change. Slowly the old ways are being replaced by the enevitable new way. And that is that women will be seen as equals to men in our sociiety. But this may take years even gennerations to go from being the recognised correct way of things being, to what is happening in the work place for example. Women are still payed less than men for example even though its illigal. One of the reasons that it takes so blood long for things to change practicaly is that people who have been raised into oppresion will often resist liberation because they have been raised to belive in their oppresion. I.E lots of women out there arnt doing eqial right any favours.
Back to the bra burners. So this is why hard line femminists get right on my metophorical tits, because a growing majority of men arnt going around opressing women like they used to be and it can be annoying to be told your guilty for the sin of your father (and we hit the dolls house, ever read it?? Lots of people do it for A level theatre or english).
So on the positive i think it important for women to enforce their new found freedom practicaly, which somtimes can be resisted by lingering outdated idiologies and i can sympathise with that. Its important for women to raise their voice, and maybe can be excuse for a little over compensation at times. Thing is its a fine line. Magazines like lippy can fall on the side of being one route through which women can establish thir rightful place, or they can go over the line. Interesting thing is that there is no set line its all subjective. Also it can be a potentual pit fall as men dont apreciat being left out of things just like women didnt apreciate it for generations. And a 'bit of their own medicin' philosophy actualy drives us backwards. Womens groups, or even women only groups such as gyms can be dangerous because nobody likes to be excluded and i find it perfectly reasonable for a man to feel hard done by when their told that there not welcome somwhere because of their sex. Apparently i can't get my hair cut where all my femail house mates do unless im introduced by a female......whats that all about??? What did i do as an individual to deserve that????
Thats just a mild example. Ive heard of men being excluded from groups because 'their potentual rapeists'. How am i surposed to feal about being put into the 'potentual rapeist catogory? And i dont really apreciate being told that i have less right to a child that is geneticaly half of me as much as its mother because im male.
Also men have huge problems with our culture resisting liberation because the oppresion had been educated into us. I know this personaly being a male who has chosen to be an artist instread of an electrician like my dad wanted me to be. And i make fashion chioces that i get shit for too. And thats all to do with men sexualy steriotyping and opressing other men. Fuckin weird when you think about it.

Well ive wanted to put all that down on paper for a while and you have just inspired me to do it. Im not sure if it will even let me comment this big. hehe. Well im gonna publish it in debate theatre anyway. So amybe if you had any ideas surporting or contradicting to what ive just ranted on about (im sure you have both so come and chat more).


PS- just over 900 words.hehe.

pps- i faild in dramatic style to get out of achademic mode.

[User Picture]From: reelbigpete
2004-11-18 05:14 pm (UTC)
Do you know that there was not an actual outbreak of bra burners in the main feminist boom era? There were one or two cases but they were more media stunts by people like Time Magazine than anything real.

Otherwise, I agree with you. Being a man in today's world is kind of what I'm going to be doing my platform about. Just with no words, and clowning.

Keep an eye out.
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[User Picture]From: mr_six_matthews
2004-11-19 03:00 am (UTC)
Well i was using bra burning as a metaphore. But yea, i thought you would see where i was comming from.
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[User Picture]From: grrl_wonder
2004-11-20 06:31 am (UTC)
didn't you and I have a conversation like this before?
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[User Picture]From: mr_six_matthews
2004-11-21 12:45 pm (UTC)
Prorbably. Its just the first time i got to write it all down in one chunk.
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From: lucasphi
2004-11-20 09:22 am (UTC)
response posted in my journal

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